For drivers

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We offer services for Self-Employed drivers as well as for those who run their Limited Companies.

We have a broad experience in accounts of those types of business activities. We support you with our help and counsel. We know full well the character of a driver’s and the specificity of accounts in this field. You may concentrate on your work, we take care of your accounts. Signing the agreement, you get unlimited amount of telephone and personal consultations.

For a monthly subscription fee you receive a comprehensive service. There are no other charges.

The package includes:

  • A Limited Company registration (Companies House fee excluded)
  • Corporation Tax settlement
  • Annual Return to Companies House (Companies House fee excluded)
  • Quarterly VAT return Flat Rate Scheme
  • Full Payroll (up to 2 employees)
  • Director’s Self-Assessment
  • Full Bookkeeping

From £65 + VAT monthly for the entire package

Additional services:

  • Company’s registration address – £10 monthly
  • Secretary’s services (invoicing, filling forms, writing letters, changing addresses, calls to the office) – £15 monthly

Still not convinced? Not sure whether the Limited Company is a good choice for you? Wish to know what it is and how it works?
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