Self-Employment is the most basic form of business in the UK.

You ought to obtain the National Insurance Number in order to register. The owner must be a UK resident for at least 3 months before the registration. Self-Employment requires the business activity to be provided in the UK for minimum 6 months during a year. Therefore, it is a convenient type of business form for those who spent a half of a year in Great Britain.

The business activity must be registered with the HMRC, no later than 3 months after the start of your Self-Employment.

Choosing Self-Employment, you become responsible for paying the Income Tax and National Insurance. You ought to keep a record of your business activity and your incomes. Owing to this you’ll be able to fill your annual tax return (Self-Assessment). You may need to register as a VAT payer if needed.

If you decide to employ staff, you will need to register Payroll, you may also cooperate with other Self-Employed. The potential is quite impressive and it is up to you how to use it.

We are here to help you and to settle the accounts in a professional manner. We shall register your business activity and support you while getting started.

If you run a construction business, you ought to register for CIS.

As a reliable and experienced professionals we will gladly provide you with advice and support.

Register your activity

We kindly invite you to use our online form. The registration fee is £50.


Register Self-Assessment On-line

We kindly invite you to use our online form. The cost of a Self-Assessment tax settlement is fixed individually (starting from £100).

The settlement

We are friendly to all communities and we offer our support in dealing with official matters such as letters, appeals or filling the forms.

If you are an employee in the PAYE system (Pay as You Earn), you often get a tax overpayment. After each tax year, which ends on the 5th of April, you may claim your tax return. We verify the correctness of a tax calculation for free.

Remember, unclaimed tax overpayment passes to the State Treasury after 5 years.

You will need your P60 and all of your P45s.

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